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Drapery and Curtain Cleaning with Eagle Cleaners

Most window treatments should be professionally cleaned every 2-3 years depending on your personal habits and the environment in your home or office. Eagle Cleaners can clean your drapes to get the dust, mites and dingy look out, and bring in fresh, beautiful window treatments that make your house a home.

Of coure, regular vacuuming your drapes and dust ruffles each month, with a soft-bristled attachment, will remove surface dust between cleanings. Furnace dust, airborne particles and cooking fumes deposit on fabrics and penetrate fibers causing fading and discoloration. But, to get deep down with an extreme clean, dry cleaning is a must.

Not to mention, trying to clean draperies and curtains will shorten the life of your household items, contributing to premature tearing and dry rot, and compromising your considerable investment. Eagle Cleaners will dry clean your draperies, sheers, ruffles; store-bought and custom and provide professional steaming and finishing. All fabrics are treated with sizing to restore drape and body to the fabric.

Sample Drapes and Curtains We Clean Include:

Try out our drapery and curtain dry cleaning services today. We are the expert window treatment cleaning team in Rochester, NY! Check out our pricing here.

Don’t take our word for it! Here are some reviews from recent customers about how Eagle Cleaners’ services helped them achieve the look they were going for:

“I chose Eagle nine years ago when we moved to Perinton because of their excellent work. I specify how I want pants and shirts laundered or dry cleaned and perfection is achieved. As a retired pastor I bring in my robe and suits and again, excellence. Same with sweaters. Thank you!” — Jeff C.

“I came in with a sweater I had dry cleaned – I left it in the bag for 3 months. When I took it out, it smelled. I brought it to you and you did it for free. You are my favorite dry cleaners. Everyone is so nice and goes out of the way for me. Thank you!” — Deb H.

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